IPI was founded in 2009 and is in the business of smart and sustainable transformation as it relates to property development. We partner with clients and demonstrate how to maximise the return on lands and buildings while carefully respecting the balance of satisfying human needs with those of the wider environment.

Our team of in-house professionals and strategic partners provide a holistic perspective on all projects and manage the execution from concept to completion.


Sebastien Paddington, BSc, M.U.P, M.TTSP, PM.CIP

Managing Director

Sebastien has over 15 years of experience in the development of infrastructure and built development. He has been involved in a large variety of multi-disciplinary projects locally, regionally and internationally with particular expertise in strategic land use planning and project management for integrated property development projects.

Nicholas Sagar, BSc, MSc, PMP

Project Engineer

He has over 8 years of experience in the development of infrastructure and built development. His responsibilities include the general overseeing of the operations of the Trinidad and Tobago group as well as business development initiatives.

Amanda Manick, BA, MBA

Manager – Corporate Services

She has over 12 years experience in administration and over 5 years experience in business development and management. Her current portfolio includes managing the administration of IPI’s overall operations.


To be the leading regional provider of professional services through the development of our surroundings in a sustainable manner


To be a trusted advisor to our clients, to transform the natural environment, enhance the built environment & continuously enrich the lives of our stakeholders