Completion Date – 2019

Type of Land – Residential

Remaining Parcels – 12/115

Size (sq.ft.) – 10,000 +

Details & Amenities

Formerly a copra plantation and the site of the ‘Green Sands Hotel’ owned by the late John Daly, Hope Estate is a picturesque, coastal community located on the South/South-western coast of Tobago and can be accessed either directly off the Windward Road or Belmont Road.

Tranquillity and relaxation define the Hope Estate lifestyle. This 50-acre community is traversed by several small rivers and brooks and features breathtaking views of Hillsborough Bay where the wild Atlantic Sea provides a cool and constant sea breeze that instantly carries the weight of the world away.

Hope Estate is an eco-conscious community in which leatherback turtles, agoutis, caimans, and a wide variety of exotic birds can often be sighted. Our wildlife protection policies mandate our residents to protect and preserve any wildlife in and around the development thus enabling ecological sustainability.

Just five minutes away from Scarborough, this single-family residential development is a perfect investment opportunity for anyone who desires a location that offers a well-balanced combination of privacy, community, and convenience. Additionally, the Shoppes at Hope (on the Eastern Boundary of the development) are designated to provide residents with easily accessible amenities.

Some of Tobago’s less traversed yet equally enchanting attractions such as Craig Hall Waterfall, Green Hill Waterfall, the Hillsborough Dam, Twin Rivers Waterfall, Bacolet beach, and Fort Granby along with many bays and brooks are all in close proximity to Hope Estate. And, you’re never more than a quick drive away from many restaurants, the Dwight Yorke Stadium, and the Scarborough Health Centre.

Hope Estate is ideal for nationals either living or returning from abroad who are looking for a unique location upon which to build a holiday home or an income property. Discerning residents will also find the community an attractive place to call home.


Property Developer: IPI Ltd

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