Estimated Completion Date – 2023

Type of Land – Commercial

Size (sq.ft) – Negotiable based on demand/need

Details & Amenities

Shoppes at Hope is a newly minted, centralized commercial zone at Hope Estate, located east of John Dial village along Windward Road. Conveniently adjoining the growing Hope Estate residential community, Shoppes at Hope is ideally suited for a gas station, pharmacy, convenience store, grocery, fast service restaurant or home store.

As the only professionally-designed commercial zone between downtown Scarborough and Roxborough, Shoppes at Hope will service all communities on the Windward side of Eastern Tobago – creating unique opportunities for businesses and organizations to create their footprint in this prime, untapped market.

The Hope Estate Multipurpose Centre is an integral part of Shoppes at Hope. This designated area will change the commercial landscape of south-east Tobago, with the potential to house a conference centre, sporting facility, concert hall or atrium. Lastly, Hope Estate Beachfront Lands runs alongside the stunning shoreline and is perfect for a seaside restaurant, a boardwalk and souvenir shops – the possibilities are endless.


All developments at Shoppes at Hope are leasehold with all approvals and infrastructure included.

Commercial Lands:

  • Approved for gas station use
  • Approved for commercial use e.g. pharmacy, grocery, doctor’s office, insurance office, movie theatre and more
  • Two convenient access points: Windward Road or Belmont Road
  • A 5-minute drive from Scarborough; quick access to supermarkets, restaurants, Scarborough Health Centre and much more
  • Adjoined to Hope Estate – convenient for residents and close proximity to a target market of over 42,000 persons

Hope Estate Multipurpose Facility:

  • Ideal for a conference centre, sporting facility (such as a gym, Olympic-sized swimming pool or yoga studio), concert hall or atrium
  • Potential to hold year-round, large-scale events such as weddings, festivals, sporting conventions, business meetings and more

Hope Estate Beachfront Lands:

  • Runs alongside Hope Estate Beach
  • Ideal for a social strip, seaside restaurants, souvenir shops, a boardwalk, wedding centre and much more
  • Stunning, unparalleled beachfront views
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